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Cultivating an Innovative Mindset in Construction

How interconnected are the ideas of innovation and storytelling? In our latest episode, Danielle O’Connell of Skanska joins the podcast to shed some light on concepts like the practical side of using new tech for safer sites, the importance of continuous education on the job, the commonalities between construction and art, and the potential of AI (as long as it’s tempered by human intervention).

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How to Bring STEM into Construction

How to Bring STEM into Construction
What’s the connection between STEM education and the trades? When it comes to recruiting the new generation, that connection may actually be crucial to the future of the industry. In this episode, Mike McCarthy of Design Communications, Ltd. joined the podcast and sparked an important discussion about the balance between creativity and practicality, the impact of experiential design in large-scale projects, and some surprising ways in which art, engineering, and construction all intersect.

How to “Make It Your Own” in the Industry

There are many ways to get involved and carve out your ideal career in the AEC industry. Where do you begin? In our latest episode, Chris Ryan of Ryan Studio, LLC joins the podcast to discuss the best ways to foster an environment of collaboration across teams, how to reconcile the different perspectives between architects and owners, the reality of making your own ideal career in the field, and more.

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Navigating Construction’s New Era: Unleashing the Power of Data Management for Superior Project Outcomes

The construction industry has entered a transformative phase, characterized by rapid technological advancements and a heightened emphasis on data driven decision-making. As a result, a new era of data management has emerged, blending ambitious innovations with the need for simplicity and utility. This evolution is setting companies apart from their competitors, primarily through the promise of enhanced efficiency, streamlined communication, and improved project outcomes.

Portrait of Manasi Pitkar, Sr. Preconstruction Director at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., featured on the Bridging the Gap Podcast, Episode 268, recorded live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024.

The Importance of Acknowledging Mistakes

Is failure something to be avoided at all costs—or is it vital to growth? In this episode, recorded live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Manasi Pitkar joins the podcast to discuss the “next big thing” in construction technology, how to make the best case for tearing down data siloes, the hurdles of time, talent, and escalation that are facing preconstruction, how to create an environment that welcomes growth and innovation, and more.

How to Leverage Your Software Tools Effectively

How to Leverage Your Software Tools Effectively

Today’s business landscape is fast-paced and sometimes merciless. With an increasingly bright spotlight on the bottom line, leveraging software to its fullest potential is more than just an important goal. It is a necessity for companies striving to stay competitive and agile. From enhancing operational efficiency to fostering stakeholder communication, the benefits of harnessing software tools can be vast and multifaceted.

Bridging the Gap Podcast, episode 256 with guest Amy Powell of Well Works "Salting the Horse"

Enhancing Construction Training: Prioritizing Learning Transfer for Effective Skill Development

Training of construction workers is a vital component in equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. However, simply providing or even mandating training sessions is not enough to ensure its effectiveness. To truly enhance the capabilities of construction employees, learning transfer must be prioritized Read more…

How Company Culture Fuels Technological Innovation

How Company Culture Fuels Technological Innovation in Construction

In construction, where physical labor meets technological innovation, the importance of a company’s culture is of utmost importance. As the industry steadily progresses towards modernization and embraces advancements like prefabrication, the role of culture becomes increasingly pivotal in attracting talent and driving forward technological developments. A solid management team forms Read more…