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Join host Todd and guest Shannon Tymosko as they discuss commutable skills between Child and Youth Work and the trades, the current divide between “white-collar” and “blue-collar” work, how social media can elevate your and your company’s journey, and how construction is commonly misinterpreted or misunderstood by society at large. 

Shannon Tymosko is a third-year electrical apprentice and Skilled Trades Ambassador. She originally completed a Child and Youth Work diploma where she found a passion for people, mental health and learning. Being an advocate for the skilled trades has allowed Shannon to take her passion for people that she found while being a Child and Youth worker and combine it with her new love for the trades.

todd Takes

1. I really respect and appreciate all that Shannon is doing to be a champion for the skilled trades and helping to reframe the perception of the industry. She mentioned that knowledge is power, which is true. Shannon does a great job helping to disseminate that power with others by being willing to share her story. 

2. It is critical to take time to know the person behind the employee. By taking the time to have a better understanding of people and respect your co-workers, you are actually able to dramatically increase your productivity. 

3. The differences among us are actually the source of our strength as an industry, not a weakness to overcome. It takes all of us collectively to move the industry forward. We need all the different personalities, knowledge, background and more. 

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