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How has the trade of housing construction changed over time? Are we beginning to make the move to sustainable construction overall? Join host Todd and guest Andrew Staniforth as they discuss the benefits of distributive design models, the biggest differences between traditional and modern modular processes, and how the industry will advance in the future.

Andrew Staniforth is the CEO of Assembly OSM, working to make urban growth more sustainable, scalable, and inclusive by delivering high rise urban housing using the manufacturing techniques of the aerospace and auto industry. Andrew studied real estate, finance and computer science at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with dual degrees from The Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Todd Takes

1.      Not everything is a unicorn in construction. I believe the future of the industry does run through industrialization and incorporating manufacturing principles for productization.

2.      When it comes to sustainability, Andrew made an interesting point that we need to start shifting our mindset and KPIs from being centered on operational carbon to embodied carbon. If we start with the long term goal in mind and work backwards to establish the correct measurements, we will then start to see the movement necessary.

3.      Removing some of the contractual barriers that Andrew brought up in his final innovation answer is going to be critical to the future success of the industry when it comes to unleashing the power of innovation and true collaboration. 


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