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Join host Todd and guest Stewart Carroll of Beck Technology Ltd. as they discuss staying relevant in a competitive market and taking advantage of current preconstruction trends and contech, how the industry can collectively make the world a better place. They also ask the questions: why aren’t we fully leveraging the vast amount of data a construction project captures, and why aren’t we talking to each other more? 

Stewart Carroll is the President at Beck Technology Ltd. As leader of Beck Technology, Stewart runs all aspects of Beck Technology, corporate strategy and vision. He has been a lead A/E/C technologist for well over a decade and continually speaks on the integration of cost and scoping technologies to owners and developers. Stewart serves as a keynote speaker for various trade shows, conferences and councils, and is an expert on A/E/C technology and its application in the marketplace.

Todd Takes

1. First thought, progress is a marathon not a sprint. The biggest hindrance to growth is getting too comfortable with where you are. Truth is the only way forward is to always be adapting and growing. Take the principals of what led to success and apply it towards the new processes needed in our ever-changing AEC environment. 

2. Second, the construction industry is generating vast amounts of data but strangely we aren’t taking advantage of that data. They say data is king but if we aren’t leveraging the data isn’t it more like an anchor of our own making? If that is the case, why are we ok with that? We need to analyze the data we have to make better, more informed decisions for our next project. It is time we not only capture the data but learn from the it and past experiences to build a more complete knowledge base going forward. 

3. Finally, disrupt yourself before someone else disrupts you. It is far less painful that way. The industry is ripe for change. Ask yourself, does your tech stack and tools set you up for long term future growth? Staying in the status quo all too often leads to detracting not growing. 

4. And for a bonus take, don’t be afraid to have an honest conversation. If you don’t ask, you can’t complain someone didn’t give you what you wanted. The collaboration that is commonly talked about in AEC can’t happen without actual conversations between stakeholders. 


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