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Are you a good example to the people that you persuade? How can you know? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dr. Charles Redd as they discuss how to develop someone’s potential, the importance of passion in your work, taking the social stigma out of failure, and how “you either learn and you live, or you live and you learn.”

Dr. Charles Redd has over 30 years of success as a speaker, minister and leader in Fortune 500 organizations. As a leadership trainer, he brings to the table a dynamic blend of business, ministry and team development experience that gives organizations a well-rounded approach to solving complex issues.

Todd Takes

1. Servant leadership is the key to effectiveness no matter where you are in the organization. The reality is this is a mind set more than anything else. We need each other to unlock the full potential of any team. In my mind, humility is the main ingredient with servant leadership. You need to be asking yourself how you can give something to others.

2. Make sure to know your “why” and then share it with others. Everyone wants to be a part of something that is going to have positive impact. Be very clear in mapping this out and communicating the vision for where you are going. That is the only way you know when you reach the goal.

3. I am a big believer that you should always have a mentor ahead of you, a peer that you can turn to and someone behind you that you can mentor. Dr. Redd commented that this approach requires you to be an open and continuous learner but will help you stay relevant. I agree with that and also that it helps make you more well rounded and see things from different perspectives.


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