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What does it take to become fully carbon-neutral in this industry? What are some practical steps we can take in that direction? Join host Todd and guest Ben Meyer as they discuss the current conversation around sustainable practices, common pitfalls and misconceptions about carbon neutrality, and how essential it is to take collaboration and partnerships into account when we’re planning for the future of our business.

Ben Meyer serves as the Building Enclosure Business Director for Siplast. He also serves as the chair of the ASRAE 90.1 Envelope Committee, Director of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA), member at Large on the NIBS BETEC board, past LEED Technical Committee member, and past Technical Advisor of the LEED Materials (MR) TAG.

Todd Takes

1. Embrace the practice of asking questions before diving into problem-solving. Discover how active listening and understanding, as opposed to just responding, can significantly enhance your effectiveness.

2. The world is in a constant state of flux, and being open to change is crucial. When encountering individuals resistant to change, learn the importance of seeking to understand their concerns, ultimately fostering empathetic conversations.

3. When tackling substantial objectives like the 2030 challenge, remember to keep your focus on the overarching goal. While subgoals are essential for progress, it is important to not let them overshadow your primary mission.


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