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What are some ways for BIM to positively affect the electrical engineering industry? How do we get more people on board with BIM adoption across the trades? Join host Todd and guest David Robison as they discuss the long-term benefits of BIM workflows, the electrical engineering issues that BIM and 3D workflows may not yet address, and more.

David Robison is a co-founder and President of Design Master Software, a company that helps electrical engineers design buildings in Revit. He has over 25 years of experience developing electrical BIM software, first in AutoCAD and now in Revit.

Todd Takes

1. When someone says the line that construction struggles to embrace technology, we need to zoom out on our perspective and recognize just how much technology adoption has occurred. Is there room for more, of course! However, the industry has come a long way. 

2. Information is critical with BIM. That should be what drives the decisions and the power behind all workflows. 

3. Innovation is a responsibility that we all need to partake in. Look to other industries and perspectives to get inspired. 


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