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Recently, we’ve all learned quite a bit about being tough. But what about being adaptable? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dan McCarthy of Dodge Data and Analytics as preview his keynote during MEP Force 2021, the right strategy when you’re gathering and governing data, and the cultural mindset required for successful digital transformation in construction. 

Dan McCarthy is the President and CEO at Dodge Data & Analytics. He has broad experience across consumer and business-to-business markets and multiple business models, including data, information, consumer payments and advertising. His focus is on transforming organizations and unlocking value through multiple strategies underpinned by the creation of strong leadership teams and highly engaged and creatively-motivated workforces.

Todd Takes

  1. I loved Dan’s point on how being indestructible means also being adaptable and open to changing things up. That goes to the core of what we talk about with innovation on this show. 
  2. Relating the indestructible mentality to how we approach data, it is more flexible, relatable and useful than we realize IF we have good governance and a rock solid “north star”. It is important to have your “north star” on how to use and leverage data. 
  3. Finally, Dan mentioned that technology adoption and digital transformation starts with a good culture. The transformation necessarily to harness the power of data is more mindset than anything. It requires us to shift our perspective and be willing to sometimes “unlearn” more than “learn”. 


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