Episode Description

What’s the key to achieving a relevant, active, and connected career in the industry? The answer lies in your own level of commitment. Live from Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Wes Mayes of The Brandt Companies joins the podcast to discuss the importance of networking, the ways we’re seeing prefabrication and preconstruction overlap with each other, whether AI will make it to the forefront of construction within the next decade, and one of the most interesting and overlooked trends in the industry recently.

Wes Mayes is Director of Preconstruction at The Brandt Companies. He has worked at The Brandt Companies for over a decade. He has previous experience as an Estimator and Senior Estimator.

Todd Takes

  1. Critical Importance of Data Management in Preconstruction
    Effective data management and interoperability are essential in the preconstruction phase to streamline workflows and enhance project outcomes. These practices enable seamless sharing and utilization of data across different platforms, ensuring all team members are on the same page.
  2. The Promise of AI in Preconstruction
    Artificial Intelligence holds promising potential to revolutionize preconstruction by providing advanced analytics and predictive capabilities. This technology can lead to more accurate planning, cost estimation, and risk management, significantly improving project efficiency.
  3. Cultivating Early Collaboration
    Creating a culture of early and frequent collaboration is crucial for engaging all stakeholders in the construction process. This approach helps in building consensus and ensuring that every participant has a voice in critical decisions, thus enhancing project buy-in and satisfaction.


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