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What is the future of construction? Are we able to see where technology will take us? Join host Todd and guest Jorge Tubella as they discuss theories and realities of technology adoption, the solutions that the industry is truly looking for versus the ones they are discovering, taking the “leap of faith” when it comes to tech, and much more. 

Jorge Tubella is a creative technologist who combines his interest in robotics, artificial intelligence, and design to research construction technology systems. He was a founding member and formerly the Coordinator of the Robotics and Digital Fabrication lab at Florida International University. Jorge has published his work in conferences, delivered workshops on robotics, and has collaborated on a National Science Foundation grant to develop robotic operation courses for the AEC industry using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality learning platforms. He holds a Master of Architecture and a Master of Arts in Architecture from Florida International University.

todd takes

1. We are experiencing the beginning of the golden age of construction. This is an amazing time to be exploring and adopting ConTech. I am excited for the future of this wide-reaching industry. 

2. It is important to develop an innovation incubation team within your company that is willing to try new things. Yes, innovation comes with an inherent risk, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When you have a mindset to try new things you will discover powerful things you didn’t know before. 

3. Micro-credentialing is an interesting trend to keep taps on. The potential to unlock greater flexibility in order to explore your technical interests and be rewarded is there, if we can collectively approach it with the right mindset. 


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