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What role does trust play in the everyday success of construction? Can you really measure the ROI and improve productivity with an intentional focus on trust? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Eric Thomas of Autodesk as they talk about the state and definition of trust in construction, how to face interpersonal challenges in the industry, creating a space where ideas can flourish, taking the stigma out of failing, and maintaining good work relationships. 

Eric Thomas is a Manager of Construction Thought Leadership at Autodesk and host of the Digital Builder podcast. In addition to developing Autodesk’s content strategy for construction, he is passionate about helping the AEC industry make impactful decisions when leveraging construction technology. Prior to joining Autodesk, he worked for Gilbane Building Co. and Truebeck Construction. Eric has nearly a decade of marketing experience and a bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication from Michigan Technological University.

Todd Takes

1. If you aren’t focusing on the culture your company and team are creating, you are willingly putting yourself at a disadvantage with your competitors. Eric said culture is the key ingredient and you must put your people first. When you focus on trust you will end up saving time and money on your projects. Creating a positive environment for your employees is a great way to build trust

2. Transparency from leadership down is a critical component of this. You need to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each person on the team as well as the success metrics. If you aren’t measuring success you don’t know if you have reached the goal. It is important to find ways to get regular temperature checks of your employees. An anonymous survey is a great place to start. 

3. Good isn’t really good enough for a trusting environment. Take the time to slow down and intentionally unpack how to empower your team. Take time to know the person behind the employee and you will be amazed at the productivity gains you make. 

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