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What should leadership development look like? Does it need to involve a change in mindset? Join host Todd and guest Nanette Miner as they discuss job-hopping, how to know the difference between positive change and “indoctrination,” how to “step up” in your industry, what a good leader looks like, and much more.

Nanette Miner is a Consulting Manager/Learning Officer at The Training Doctor, LLC. She has additional experience as a Contributor to Leadership Development for Forbes Coaches Council and a Facilitator for the Association for Talent Development. She is passionate about developing leadership in organizations. She has spent 20+ years consulting to the Fortune 500.


1. Every company wants to have great leaders throughout the organization. However, too many organizations are not intentional about investing and developing people to become those great leaders. Nanette said we should almost think of leadership development as our insurance policy, in that if we properly investing in our people, it is there when we need to rely on it.

2. As the younger generations are coming more into the workforce, it is becoming even more critical to explain the why behind why every job matters to the mission of the company and the positive impact it is having.

3. Down with silos across the board! We need cross-collaboration, especially in this industry. The more viewpoints and knowledge the better.


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