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What is the current state of design and make? Stephanie Losee and team have the data and the answers. In this episode we discuss the novel Design and Make Report, It highlights the enhanced performance and preparedness of digitally mature companies post-COVID-19, emphasizing their plans for further digital investments. The report also underscores the rapid workforce changes in recent years, equating them to historical shifts like the internet’s advent. Additionally, it discusses the increasing corporate emphasis on sustainability and carbon neutrality, crucial for attracting environmentally conscious younger talent.

Stephanie Losee is the Director of Executive & ABM Content at Autodesk, helping people imagine, design and make a better world. Formerly the Senior Director of Content at Visa Communications, governing editorial content marketing/brand journalism, Executive Director of brand content at POLITICO and Managing Editor of Dell, directing editorial content strategy. She was also named a Holmes Report Top 25 Innovator., Marketing Insider Group Top Marketing Speaker and more.

Todd Takes

1. Digital Transformation Has Accelerated: The impact of digital transformation has been profound, especially the last few years with Covid serving as a significant catalyst for change. People and businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to invest more in technology over the next three years.

2. Talent Development is Critical: Across various industries, talent acquisition and development emerge as the top challenge. In the coming year, the ability to train and upskill employees will be a crucial factor for success.

3. Sustainability Matters, But Action is Needed: Sustainability is a major priority for both businesses and individuals, yet there’s a widespread dissatisfaction with the progress made so far. To bridge this gap, there’s a need to make sustainability goals more tangible and improve communication regarding the steps being taken to achieve them. 


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