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Are you familiar with modular construction? Do you think you’d give it a try, and why or why not? Join host Todd and guest Nick Coubray as they discuss the real-world applications of BIM, how to realistically reduce waste in the field, the pros and cons of modular construction, some common misconceptions about the industry, and more. 

Nick Coubray is the CEO of Howick Ltd. Having grown up in the industry from building and designing rollformers to guiding the development of complex software and production offerings, he is always interested in seeing what can be done to improve how things are done. He has a keen interest in not only construction technology, but also innovative tech in general.

Todd Takes

1. When starting a modular process, it is best to take the incremental approach. This allows you the flexibility to learn as you go and make real world adjustments to your process for greater long-term efficiencies. Don’t feel the pressure to eat the elephant all in one bite. 

2. Reducing material waste starts on the front side by knowing the details in the design. That is where the cost savings really come into play. 

3. Be willing to share your insights with others and ask questions of those that have gone before you. When we are able to learn from others in the industry and share the commonalities, we are able to move the whole industry forward. Not everything needs to be a unicorn. 


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