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In your experience, what’s the best that the construction industry has to offer? What can change? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Scott Ellison as they discuss the intricacies of construction and its projects, the ups and downs that come with disruption, how to start and grow a ConTech company, and much more. 

Scott Ellison is an Advisor, Investor, and Consultant for Tech- and Data-Powered businesses. He has experience in principal, international travel, and holds a pilot’s license. He graduated AB Cum Laude from Harvard University. 

Todd Takes

  1. Let’s start by acknowledging that the world of construction has more layers of complexities than is often attributed to the industry. Make sure to find and hire great people that know the industry and the problems of your customers well. It sounds fundamental, but the basics can make a big impact. 
  2. Scott mentioned that we should think of technology as a tool. Make sure to share with others what tools, software and workflows you find value in. A rising tide lifts all boats. 
  3. Finally, I loved Scott’s disrupt vs. respect balance and the Moneyball reference. We need to take the time to ideate on what can work better and where critical enhancements are need. Then, we blend the best of both worlds to move the industry forward. Since construction is full of incredible problem solvers, I’m convinced that the industry’s future is in good hands. 


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