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What does optimal performance look like for construction? What about your company? What steps will ensure everyone is on the same page while working on a project? Join host Todd and guest Clay Smith of eVolve MEP as they discuss the need for proper information flow in an organization, flattening and streamlining the communication process, and the danger in “flying blind” while on the jobsite. In addition, Todd and Clay discuss what’s in store for MEP Force—and what you can expect from it now that it’s virtual.

Clay Smith is the CEO of eVolve MEP and the COO of Applied Software. He has been successful in delivering outstanding results in operations, software development, and technical consulting. He thrives in leading high-growth, cloud-based, and disruptive businesses that blend a customer-centric vision with strong technology innovation. With a focus on results and relationships, he is skilled in expanding business ventures quickly while at the same time building winning cultures that create sustainable results.


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