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Is the future of construction being built in the cloud? Listen in to find out. Brandon Ionata, a senior solution director at Graitec StrucSoft, discusses the evolving landscape of off-site construction and its integration with technology. He emphasizes the growing importance of cloud data connectivity, data sharing, and the convergence of construction and manufacturing. He highlights the shift towards more integrated and efficient construction processes, breaking down traditional industry silos. Ionata also touches on the role of software in enhancing coordination and collaboration, and the potential impact of AI and machine learning in optimizing manufacturing efficiency. 

Brandon Ionata is the Solution Line Senior Director for StrucSoft, a market leading wood and light gauge steel framing software. He has over two decades of industry experience and takes a solutions-based approach to customer challenges.

Todd Takes

1. The utilization of cloud data connectivity for sharing data presents a tremendous opportunity within the construction industry. 

2. Offsite construction is not a new concept. It’s a well established and proven methodology that’s ready for prime time. 

3. Mapping out the manufacturing requirements within the architectural model at the earliest stages, well before the actual physical construction begins is the goal that the industry should be striving towards. Thanks for listening to this episode. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit our sponsor, Applied Software, Grey Tech Group at asti.com for more information. You can listen to this podcast anytime by simply going to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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