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How relevant is your company moving into the next decade of construction? Are you prepared to make the innovations necessary to thrive? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jim Tavernelli as they discuss the industry-wide adoption of industrialized construction, challenging your team to innovate, utilizing consistency to see what your company is capable of, creating an open and trusting work environment, sharing best practices, and much more. 

Jim Tavernelli serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of KLH Engineers, a traditional MEP Engineering Consulting Firm in the AEC Industry. KLH has transformed into a distinctively different engineering firm that leverages technology and software to provide more tangible value to the true consumer of its services – contractors. Jim has led KLH’s reinvention into an innovation-centric practice by executing its “technical strategy” which has fundamentally changed the way KLH views and completes its work. Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton and is a registered Professional Engineer in 17 states. He also holds a Master in Business Administration from Xavier University.

Todd Takes

1. Challenge yourself like the KLH leadership team did on how to keep your company relevant not just for tomorrow but 20 years into the future as well. When you are seeking to embrace a new innovative mindset, make sure to fight through the inevitable awkwardness at the beginning. Give yourself and the team space and grace to try different things to see what takes. 

2. The old adage that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is absolutely true. In order to truly transform your company to thrive in the innovation and digital transformation needed for construction, culture will have to be front and center. You will not succeed in transformation if your culture cannot support the change. Culture is the key ingredient. 

3. Jim quoted Amy Marks with “It is no longer a journey. It is a race and if you don’t know about the race, you are not in it.” I agree. There are numerous companies throughout construction that have started the race and are thriving. Don’t be shut out because you arrived too late to get in the game. 


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