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Are you familiar with commissioning? If so, you might have a few questions about it. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Ryan Lean as they unpack common industry misconceptions around commissioning, how the process of commissioning is and should be “all about people,” how efficiency and operability in projects has been impacted in the last year, and more. 

Ryan Lean serves as Associate Partner at JB&B and leads JB&B Field, a division of JB&B incorporating ten specific field-related services into one comprehensive service offering. Since joining the firm in 2004, Mr. Lean has garnered extensive experience in building commissioning and related services for commercial, mission-critical, educational, laboratory, healthcare and LEED green buildings. He sees building commissioning and related field services as a means of fostering relationships with owners and operators, and of guiding them through the challenges of transitioning to a new facility.

todd takes

  1. As with most things, trust but verify. Commissioning is no different. 
  2. Ryan said, “we need to remember that designing and building an efficient building isn’t enough.” It is critical for us to think more about the lifecycle of the building over the next 50 years instead of just the design and building of it. Having a building “tune up” periodically, much like your car, is so important to ensure proper operational efficiencies. 
  3. Finally, Ryan made an interesting point around the engineering mind having a built-in hurdle with innovation. That mindset is by nature always making sure everything works the whole time. It requires them to step more outside of their comfort zone to try a new innovation. 


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