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Are you overworked? Untethered? Maybe confused by new advents in construction? A lot’s happening, but there are ways to keep up. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dillon Mitchell as they discuss sustainability in the construction industry, Dillon’s podcast The Construction Corner, embracing new technology and growth in the industry, how to balance your work life, and maintaining an effective connection to the industry you work in. 

Having designed millions of square feet in Revit for everything from K-12, higher education, healthcare, industrial, and mixed use, Dillon Mitchell is well versed in the construction industry. As a professional electrical engineer in 6 states he’s seen the ups and downs of construction. In 2018 Dillon transitioned from working in A/E firms to starting his company Kowabunga Studios mission is to help engineers save time reduce their stress and live a better life, while increasing the margins and financial strength of the firm. He is also the host of the Construction Corner Podcast. 

todd Takes

1. I’m a bit of a broken record but there is a perception and marketing problem happening in the construction industry. We must do a better job telling the true story of technology, innovation and potential that is plenty in this industry. 

2. There is tremendous value in taking the time to slow down in the short-term and debrief. Use this time to work through what worked well and what needs to be improved going forward and why. Be as specific about the problem as you can be to properly solve the issue. This will help in the transition to becoming more results oriented.

3. Dillon spoke to the value of embracing a growth mindset saying, “you don’t have the time not to learn technology.” However, change is literally a painful experience physically. I encourage you to push through the temporary pain because the long-term rewards are going to be well worth it. 


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