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What are the smartest ways to prioritize sustainable efforts and profits—especially if your company is less established? Join host Todd and guest Aad Storm as they discuss what it means to prioritize sustainability, the “human element” we shouldn’t forget in the whirlwind of new tech adoption, how we can reassure teammates and employees of their irreplaceable value in the face of AI, and much more. 

Aad Storm is the CEO and founder of Eveon Containers. He has a strong background in developing strategic vision and inspiring people with that vision. Eveon Containers is the leading global supplier of used shipping containers, pioneering sustainable and responsible solutions with digital innovation.

Todd Takes

1.Pursuing sustainability initiatives often requires a delicate equilibrium between immediate and long-term objectives. Yet, as evidenced by Eveon’s approach, when approached with focused intention and a clear strategic roadmap, both measurable and nuanced benefits become evident more swiftly.

2. Establishing a robust customer feedback mechanism is pivotal in evolving technological processes, ensuring that they retain the essential human touch and foster creativity.

3.Contemplate the extent to which you envision integrating technology into your operations. Embark on incremental innovations to realize this vision. 

Finally, It’s imperative for leadership to maintain transparent and frequent communication throughout this transformative jour


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