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What mental image do you associate with digital workflows? How about innovation? What you associate may have a lot to do with how you perceive them. Join host Todd and guest Frank Schuyer of Xinaps as they discuss common myths about digital workflows, the importance of transparency, enhancing the collaboration between designers and contractors, and not being afraid to share information. 

Frank Schuyer is the founder and CEO at Xinaps. With a back ground in Marketing, Business Administration and a Serial entrepreneur and an innovator by heart, Frank is constantly working on better, easier, and smarter ways to make software peoples lives more fun. With over 20 years of experience and a different look on processes, people, and interfaces, he brings software to the next level. Believing in a lean, pragmatic, and simple approach to the more complex business of today. With the love around his family, friends, and business- and sports, his passion in driving industries forward, he would like to contribute for the better.

Todd Takes

1. I am a big believer in the importance of being intentional and having a well thought out plan. This is especially important when you are rolling out a digital workflow. Go back to the old adage of ‘plan your work and work your plan’. 

2. The next level of intentionality is taking the time to have honest self-reflection on what is working and what is not working in your process. Transparency is huge. Not just with yourself but with those on your team, your partners, and others in the industry. Only through honest transparency can you have better collaboration that everyone talks about. This can even help to reduce the costs of projects. 

3. Finally, do not overthink and therefore over-complicate your processes. Keep it simple, in order, for people to actually implement. 

Here are three words to remember – Intentionality. Transparency. Simplicity


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