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How do we break free of “the way things have always been done”? How can you tell in the hiring process whether you’ll be working for a collaborative and healthy company? Join host Todd and guest Dan Dowdy as they discuss maintaining a healthy culture in the industry, the role of core values in career success, managing multiple generations of workers, and how technology helps us attract and retain top talent. 

Dan Dowdy is Founder of Built for the Trades and hosts the podcast of the same name. He is a second-generation Master Plumber, certified John Maxwell Coach, trainer, and speaker with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the home service space. He has dedicated his life to giving back what he has learned to the trades, believing that success in life and business starts within.

Todd Takes

1. Take time to build the muscle of true servant leadership by being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Then be intentional on the areas that you need to focus on. As we talk about a lot, change doesn’t happen in one giant leap, it is about slow and steady progress. 

2. Clearly define your vision and core values for the team. It is important to authentically communicate what is of value to you and the organization. That allows people to be bought in on the cause and mission of the team. 

3. Don’t be scared to move forward from past experiences that didn’t go your way. It is ok to acknowledge something that was tried and failed in the past. We learn from our mistakes. That is all part of innovation but we have to be willing to 


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