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What is your data strategy? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Kevin Soohoo as they discuss the huge overlap between manufacturing and construction, working towards a single source of data in the industry, protecting and prioritizing data against ransomware and the differing mindsets that surround data in construction. 

Kevin Soohoo is the Director of construction and engineering at Egnyte. With 15-plus years of experience, Kevin is responsible for supporting Egnyte’s newly-formed construction and engineering vertical and its growth efforts within AEC. He also has a history of leading technology and innovation at E&R Ranked, specialty trade contractors, and context startups.

Todd Takes

  1. Playing off of last week’s episode with Cory Borchardt, always be curious. If you look to other industries that have experienced similar trend lines and trajectories as construction, you will be able to find ways to improve with lessons learned without having to experience the same degree of pain. 
  2. When it comes to data strategy, take time to truly think through how you are using and leveraging data to work smarter and more efficiently. All data is not created equal. Some is more valuable to know and protect. 
  3. Finally, and sadly, ransomware isn’t a matter of if but when nowadays. What is your recovery and resiliency strategy for when an attack takes place? Make sure you know the answer. 


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