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In academic settings, why are the trades considered “less than?” What can we do to change that social stamp of disapproval? Join host Todd and guest Clay Abernathy as they discuss how to make the trades a viable option for the younger generation, when to start talking about trades
education, and tackling the subject of traditional college versus trade school educations.  

Clay Abernathy is a veteran entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in a wide variety of sales and management positions. In 2006, he founded Idea’l Trade Institute to provide alternative educational opportunities for students wanting accelerated or hands-on training.

Todd Takes

1. It is a simple fact that hard work and quality work builds confidence. I liked Clay’s line that “You can do it right or you can do it twice.” It is important to take the time to do it right out the gate and avoid rework due to sloppiness. 

2. The concept of far transfer is fascinating to me. I am a believer for sure that there are a ton of transferable skills from different areas that can make you a success in construction. 

3. Clay’s innovation answer at the end really pinpointed a big opportunity in construction and that is the knowledge transfer that is required to continue to move the industry forward. We have to figure out a way to share and disseminate the knowledge and skills of people that have been in the industry for decades as they retire at higher rates. 


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