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As someone in the construction industry, how do you begin to tell your story? Join host Todd and guest Katlyn Slocum as they discuss best strategies for getting “the word” out about your company, the difference between “old school” and “new school” marketing tactics, and how to know you’re being effective at communicating with your target audience. 

Katlyn Slocum is the owner of Katlyn Slocum Design, a website design agency based out of Vancouver, WA. Growing up in Minnesota with a family of tradesmen, she learned the value of hard work, keeping your word, and entrepreneurship. After finishing her Bachelor’s in Business, Katlyn started her own business from the ground up, with a passion for helping blue-collar professionals like the ones she grew up with. She believes website design is most effective when it is strategy-driven and tailored to every business’ unique needs to increase conversions. Katlyn brings together a unique combination of strategic web design, development, SEO, and training all in one to get her clients’ businesses to the next level.

Todd Takes

  1. I know I bring up storytelling all the time but it is so important. I loved the connection that Katlyn made today with the inherent relational side of construction and storytelling. It is spot on. Storytelling true is the bridge to scaling your company from the old school to the new school. 
  2. In your marketing, don’t try to be all things to all people. When you do, you are actually diluting your messaging and creating confusion for the very audience that you are trying to convert. Focus your message around your why. 
  3. Think of your website as a conversation. You want to keep visitors engaged to explore more and curious enough to raise their hand to build the relationship further.


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