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How will AI and data analytics shape the future of construction? What are some ways we’re already seeing shifts in our workforce? Join host Todd and guest Izhak Paz as they discuss the benefits of AI-powered tools, how to harness and use the right data, the potential risks of new tech, and more. 

Izhak Paz is the CEO and founder of SafeGuard AI Group. With a deep passion for improving people’s wellbeing and a drive to create a meaningful impact through innovative technical solutions, Izhak is an experienced entrepreneur and trusted strategic advisor with a solid foundation in economics and public health.

Todd Takes

1. I love what Izhak around being curious and not taking reality as is. In the era of AI that we are in that is really important. Technology is moving at such a fast pace we are able to achieve things that were previously thought to be impossible. 

2. In order for true advancements to be made, the technology needs to be ready for prime time and the culture needs to an environment that is ready to foster growth and innovation. When both exist, great things can flourish. 

3. When it comes to AI and data management, we need to be responsible with the systems and methods that are being used. Take time to develop your short and long term strategic visions and plans


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