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How is sustainability changing the way we approach data, reporting, and design? What changes are we seeing already? Join host Todd and guest Anthony Zuefeldt as they discuss his class at the recent Advancing Computational Building Design Show, the current and potential industry impact of embodied carbon,  finding connections in seemingly disconnected data sources and databases, and what the future of computational design will look like. 

Anthony Zuefeldt is a Senior Solutions Architect at Applied Software, Graitec Group. He is a computational design expert with a deep background in AEC technology, operations and business strategy.

Todd Takes

1. As I mentioned a few episodes back, when it comes to a big topic like sustainability it is important to be bold and aspirational without losing track of how to practically build a roadmap for the individual to participate. 

2. Data is key to making wise informed decisions. Take the time to think through your data strategy and how you connect disparate datasets together effectively. 

3. The race towards innovation is already well underway. If you are still sitting on the sidelines, you are going to be passed by. Join the race today and start mapping out your strategy.


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