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Is failure something to be avoided at all costs—or is it vital to growth? In this episode, recorded live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Manasi Pitkar joins the podcast to discuss the “next big thing” in construction technology, how to make the best case for tearing down data siloes, the hurdles of time, talent, and escalation that are facing preconstruction, how to create an environment that welcomes growth and innovation, and more.

Manasi Pitkar is Sr. Preconstruction Director at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. with nearly a decade of experience at the company. She has additional experience as a Sr. Preconstruction Manager at Clark Construction, Estimator at RQ Construction, Sr. Estimator at Gilmore Construction Corporation, Lead Estimator at Saunders Construction, Estimator II at M.A. Mortenson Company, and Field Engineer at Turner Construction.

Todd Takes

  1. Embracing Failure as a Path to Success
    It’s okay to fail; in fact, failing quickly and learning from it is a crucial part of growth. As a leader, demonstrating vulnerability by acknowledging and sharing your failures can build trust within your team. This transparency not only fosters a supportive culture but also encourages others to take calculated risks without fear.
  2. Staying Current with Emerging Technologies
    Keeping up with emerging technologies in any field is challenging, but making the effort to stay informed is invaluable. Attending conferences, listening to industry-specific podcasts, and engaging with community resources are all worthwhile investments. These activities help you stay at the forefront of innovation, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest tools and knowledge.
  3. Celebrating the Construction Industry
    Construction is a dynamic and impactful industry that deserves more recognition and enthusiasm. It’s an exciting field that constantly benefits from fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. We should actively share our pride in this industry, encouraging more people to explore the diverse opportunities it offers.

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