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How do you define productivity for the trades and construction? What are some hurdles that you’ve faced in achieving that productivity? What changes have you seen with internal communication across the board? Join host Todd and Rob McKinney, aka the ConApp Guru, of ICT Tracker as they discuss the “holy grail” of the construction industry, productivity tips, how safety is your best friend and the need for collaborative communication in every project.

Learn how encouraging a mindset of openness, continual improvement, and being a lifelong learner can benefit your organization. Rob is a pioneering Construction Technologist that works with apps every day to better understand how the can improve workflows in the Construction Industry. He is a founding member of the ConTech Crew podcast and speaks at conferences across the United States. During his time with the ConTech Crew, Rob has interviewed a number of thought leaders about the changing influence of Construction Technology.

 When he is not on the road at events, he enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors, trying out a new BBQ recipe or sampling a local craft brew! 

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