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What are the top issues we face when recruiting Gen Z into the construction industry? What are some ways we can use our experiences to resonate with younger generations? Join host Todd and guest Erin Volk as they discuss the importance of storytelling, the best ways to increase diversity in the industry, common misconceptions around the trades, and more.

Erin Volk is the Senior Vice President of Workforce & Community Development for the Associated General Contractors of California, which represents more than 1000 construction companies and construction related firms throughout California. She currently holds a seat on the AGC of America Construction Careers Taskforce.

Todd Takes

1. It is imperative that we attract the next generation of workers. In order to do this successfully, we must meet them where they are including the ways they like to receive information. I love that Build California is willing to try new innovative methods like even TikTok to evangelize the industry. 

2. When it comes to your culture and recruitment campaigns, it must be authentic to your company. Don’t just check a box. People will see through that quickly and then you will have a retention problem. 

3. As an industry, we need to take our cue from the Army and create an industrywide campaign that markets the benefits of the construction to those outside the industry. If we are able to truly lock arms with each other throughout the industry, we will be able to make huge strides in turning around misconceptions and win over the champions we need.


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