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How does a passion for innovation tie into the construction industry? How about creativity and a desire to drive the future? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Adrian Hatch as they discuss the future of construction work, the rising power of AR and VR, how to allow workers to be more intentional with their time and resources, and much more. 

Co-founder and CEO of IMAJION, Adrian Hatch is a product developer and sales leader who is passionate about creating practical innovations and experienced in the conception and engineering of prototype software products and applications. Prior to co-founding IMAJION, Adrian worked at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies as a brand designer and co-founded and operated Lokil, an app and website development firm. Adrian holds a BS in Information Management and Technology and an MS in Management Information Systems from Syracuse University.

todd takes

1.       The role of technology is to enhance your workflow. Technology should be leveraged to augment a person’s ability to get the job done faster with more information. Don’t view it as a threat but a partner.

2.      Innovation isn’t anything new and it does not have to totally change all of your processes in one fell swoop. In fact, the best innovation and change management requires taking one step at a time.

3.      Yes, there is so much going on in construction. Everyone has an overflowing plate. I would argue that makes it an absolute necessity to take time to stop, create even just 5 minutes a daily whitespace and think through the impact and goals of your workflow and technology. If not, you will continue the dominion effect and spin your wheels. 


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