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We’re in a new era of construction—does that imply a new era of data management, as well? Live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Darrell Torres of Irvine Company joins the podcast to discuss the balance between ambition and “keeping it simple,” the power of data management platforms to set companies apart from their competitors, and the most effective ways to achieve buy-in when you introduce new processes and technology. 

Darrell Torres is Sr. Director of Preconstruction at Irvine Company. He has more than two decades of experience in the construction industry in California and Colorado. His diverse range of project expertise includes residential, office/mixed-use developments, higher education, healthcare and cultural buildings.

Todd Takes

  1. Essential Data Management in Preconstruction
    Proper data management is foundational for success in preconstruction, ensuring that all project details are accurately tracked and accessible. Interoperability between systems allows for seamless integration of data, streamlining communication and decision-making processes across various construction platforms.
  2. Leveraging AI in Preconstruction
    Artificial Intelligence offers transformative potential in the preconstruction phase, enhancing precision in project planning and risk assessment. By integrating AI, teams can predict outcomes more accurately and optimize resources more effectively, paving the way for smarter construction practices.
  3. Building a Collaborative Culture Early On
    Establishing a culture of collaboration early in the project lifecycle is critical for aligning all stakeholders and fostering commitment. Regular and open communication among all parties encourages proactive problem-solving and ensures that everyone’s interests are represented and addressed.

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