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As 2021 comes to a close, what has changed? What have we learned about collaboration, data, and teamwork? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Eric Whobrey as they discuss the newest opportunities in the world of technology, the boldness of taking a good calculated risk, the education component of the AEC industry, “data for the sake of data,” and much more.

Eric Whobrey is fascinated by technology and how it continues to make businesses more successful, and he finds himself delving deeper the applications of smart design, data analysis, and application development with each new endeavor. He has managed web and data development teams, build technology, established a technology strategy for a billion-dollar business, and actively invests in technology startups. Previously, Eric managed the Operational Effectiveness program at Centro and now runs the technology department for ARCO/Murray, a Design-Build Construction company, and he co-leads a small investment fund.

todd takes

1.      There is tremendous value in bringing in an outsider perspective to gain fresh eyes. By providing a blend between technology and industry experience you are expanding your scope of knowledge while increasing your chance of success.

2.      Once you have a diverse array of perspectives, it is important to listen and learn from others when trying to implement new technology. Pull in and give ownership to the stakeholders that are experiencing the problem instead of just forcing new technology.

3.      Finally, Eric said “we don’t necessarily have a technology problem. We have a communication, education and empathy problem.” I think that is a great framework to operate in when implementing technology. Develop a plan for all three areas – communication, education and empathy. 


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