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As the year wraps up, what have we learned about the industry? What needs to be fixed, and in what ways have we made great strides? Join host Todd and guest Cameron Page as they talk about the jobs that set us up for success in the long run, how to pull together different industry groups for the better, the best ways to convince the industry to adopt new tech and tools, and how a workflow would look in a perfect world. 

Cameron Page is CEO of Extracker, the industry’s only change order communication platform. Leaning on his experience as a project manager, Cameron understands the risks involved in processing change orders and how detrimental mistakes can be to a project. Cameron is available to offer listeners the 

Todd Takes

1. Technology and collaboration have made the need for visibility all the more important. Leverage technology to help firm up your processes to give greater confidence that you aren’t missing important pieces of information. 

2. Cameron used the example that at a previous company they ran decisions through a simple question of “does this make us a better builder?” I love that. Having a north star that you can measure new initiatives, workflows, software and more against is a handy tool. It will go a long way to set you up for success in the long term by understanding the value and business case behind the action. 

3. Finally, document your processes to minimize disruption as things change and people leave the company. You want to make sure you don’t lose the intuitional data and information that has been learned. 


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