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With all the data you could collect, how do you know what you should leverage? Do you face this problem? If you do, how do you overcome it? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Lilian Magallanes as they discuss what the common data environment means, how can you make the data more flexible, what are potential pitfalls of collecting too much data and more. 

Lilian Magallanes is a Project Manager for a large general contractor, where she leverages thirteen years of construction management and facilities experience to help support technology alignment. In her previous role as BIM Coordinator for the Los Angeles Community College District, her team identified technologies and applications of Building Information Modeling. In addition to her daytime role, Lilian also currently serves as the Membership Committee Chair for the Construction Progress Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to defining the future of project data governance through common data exchanges, and a Board Member for NAWIC Los Angeles, celebrating women in the AEC industry.

Todd Takes

1. I am all for the common data environment. That is our path forward. The possibilities of being able to truly connect the field to the office are immense. Start with the end in mind and then work backwards on the process and systems that will get you to the big win. 

2. I liked when Lil talked about having a Vision, a Pilot Team and a Feedback Loop. It is so important to think through what data you want to collect, what’s important and how you are going to leverage the data. Then develop your execution plan while getting feedback along the way to agility adjust as you go. 

3. Lil said innovation is about always being curious. Take time to look at things through different perspectives. When we crowdsource ideas and solutions, we end up getting a better result and fill in our blind spots. 


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