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Has traditional construction changed for good? Industrialized construction and productization are creeping in. We’re moving away from the old ways and stepping into a new realm of streamlined, efficient, and innovative building processes. 

This episode takes us through the seismic shift towards a productization mindset in construction. This change isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessity, offering significant gains in efficiency and sustainability. Our guest Bertrand de Peufeilhoux also explores how this evolution demands greater accountability and fosters enhanced communication among stakeholders. Tune in to understand how transparent communication is becoming the cornerstone of modern construction practices.

Bertrand de Peufeilhoux is a project manager at Bouygues Construction. He has a depth of experience in both structural engineering and software management, working on a number of high profile projects across France.

Todd Takes

1. The construction industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the increasing adoption of industrialized construction methods. Traditional construction processes are being replaced by more streamlined, efficient, and innovative approaches.

2. Embracing a productization mindset necessitates a shift in thinking, but it offers substantial efficiency and sustainability benefits to the industry.

3. The transition to productization underscores the importance of precise specifications and accountability among stakeholders. Open and transparent communication becomes essential to achieve these goals.


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