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What does it mean to grow? Will you have to move beyond your comfort zone to keep up? Join host Todd and guest Doug Howard as they discuss navigating growth with your company, nurturing long-range plans over time, the absolute necessity of skill training, and how to both embrace and understand the downsides of technology. 

Doug Howard is the Director of Consulting Services at Remodelers Advantage, Inc. He has extensive experience in business consulting, facilitating and training on profit improvement, growth strategies, financing, succession planning and business enhancement in the home remodeling industry

Todd Takes

1. I loved the concept of thinking through where you want to be in 5 years and listing out everything that will be required to get you to that vision. But the catch is to not condense the timing of those activities. You want to make sure you are focused on the “when” of pulling the trigger versus the “if” something happens then we can move forward trap. 

2. By thinking in a 5-year plan framework, you are giving yourself the flexibility to adjust to the real-world situations while keeping positive forward progress.

3. Doug’s idea for leaders to run through the exercise of planning everything without them in the org chart and to-do’s is an interesting concept. That will help to show the areas where you will need to further train and develop the rest of the team to succeed. 


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