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What does good and effective leadership look like? How do we know when we’re being an effective leader? Join host Todd and guest Major General Karl Horst as they discuss the ways leadership adapts to different generations and personality types, some timeless examples of excellent leaders, and more.

General Horst retired from the United States Army in 2013 after more than 37 years of enlisted and commissioned service. During that time, he had the privilege to lead soldiers at every level of the military, at home and around the world, in peacetime and in combat. Upon retirement, he founded KNHorst and Associates, LLC that provides consulting support to clients interested in reinforcing ethical behavior and strong positive leadership attributes.

Todd Takes

1. Good leadership pushes people outside of their comfort zone to collaborate effectively but the secret is to equip and support them throughout the process so they feel empowered rather than abandoned. 

2. As General Horst said, situational awareness is crucial. It is the leaders job to know when to go to the front lines of the fight and get engage with getting their hands dirty and when they need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. In order to do this well, a leader needs to break down the silos that exist and press on for success. 

3. Leadership is about staying true to your values and communicating those effectively to your team. Leaders do not lead by demanding respect to a title. Instead, they inspire others to follow a vision for success and equip their team properly.


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