Episode Description

It is time to celebrate… Bridging the Gap is officially at 100 episodes and counting! Join host Todd Weyandt and editor/producer Eric Daniel as they look back to reflect on the lessons learned, moments that stand out and where the show is going for the next 100 episodes. 

During our first 100 episodes, we have had the great pleasure of learning from so many brilliant guests and thought leaders throughout the industry. To you the listeners, thank you for joining us on this adventure, taking the time to listen each week and sharing with your friends. 

Todd Takes

  1. First and foremost, I want to extend a very big and heartfelt thank you to all those who listen to this podcast each week. I count it a great privilege that you take the time to go on this journey with me. 
  2. Please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts on the episodes, conversations, and topics that you are interested in. This show is about and for you. So, feel free to make your voice heard. 
  3. Finally, after 100 episodes, I am encouraged and excited about the potential of the construction industry. I hope you are as well. The next decade is going to be a wild and amazing ride for the construction innovators out there. 


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