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Is it possible to guarantee success? If so, what building blocks do you need to implement? Join host Todd and guest Bryson Reaume as they discuss building the best team for your project, how to stay connected when you might be working remote, what the world should know about the contractor’s point of view, and the shifting goals and mindsets of project teams.

Bryson Reaume is the Founder and CEO of Reaume Richardson, a Los Angeles-based contracting company with 20 years of experience revitalizing cityscapes throughout California. His knowledge was built from the ground up, as he worked in the trades for half a decade before moving into executive management.

Todd Takes

1. When it comes to a good culture that employees actually want to be a part of, relationships are key. However, it goes deeper that just this. It is important to democratize the ownership of creating these solid relationships. Everyone across the company should feel empowered to help foster and develop powerful bonds. Creating an environment where people actually enjoy working with one another is incredibly powerful. 

2. Bryson talked about how they have these concentric circles and rhythms built into their company which is great. So for example, the core team meets weekly to interact and bond with each other, the bigger department may meet monthly and the company as a whole can come together quarterly. Having these rhythms brings consistency and sets a wonderful cultural foundation. 

3. Finally, when we are able to start a project off with a mindset of collaboration it allows the ability to run harder, farther, quicker. Yes, it will mean spending more dedicated and focused time in precon but that will pay back dividends later on. As my friend Nathan Wood of Construction Progress Coalition says often “rising tides lifts all boats.” That is true in this case as well. All stakeholders will benefit when the entire project team can come together at the start to proactively discuss the project instead of being forced into a reactive process like we have done for far too long. 


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