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What’s on your construction “bucket list”? Is there anything in the industry you’d like to see changed? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Hugh Seaton as they discuss the ups and downs of the creative process, getting people more comfortable with technology, Hugh’s book “The Construction Technology Handbook,” the growth of artificial intelligence, and how to prepare for where we’re headed. 

Hugh Seaton is the Head of Product for Crosswalk by CSI, where he leads development of an API connecting MasterFormat, Uniformat and Omniclass to the industry’s premiere construction software. Prior to this, Hugh was the GM at Adept Reality, a VR/AR company. Hugh has been involved in construction technology for over a decade, including the AEC hackathon, and he is currently publishing the Construction Technology Quarterly, hosting bi-weekly Clubhouse rooms, and recording his own podcast, Constructed Futures.

Todd Takes

1. This is an industry that is ready and willing to share knowledge. Hugh talked about all the people that were generous to share with him as he was researching his book. He mentioned that he sensed from the people he spoke with that we are “on a path of getting better, improving the industry, innovating and moving forward”. 

2. Technology at its core is a set of tools. I think that is a great framework to start the conversation, especially with people that may be historically more resistant. The promise of technology allows you to trade the mundane tasks through automation to free you up for the more creative and strategic aspects of the job. You don’t have to be fancy with technology, but it is important to set proper expectations for all involved from the beginning. 

3. Hugh said that he believes now is the time for technology in construction because the foundations we are building on have never been more stable. I agree. Prepare yourself for what is coming. The future worker will be as much a technologist as a welder, pipe fitter or anything else. 

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