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Join host Todd and guest Britta Teller as they discuss the intersection of ecology, statistics, and construction, how we can contextualize sustainability on an individual level, some “green” products that we should start integrating into our workflows, and some hurdles that we’ll face moving into 2023.

Britta Teller is Chief Sustainability Officer and a Co-Founder at Steller Floors. Five years ago, she pivoted away from her PhD-academic career in ecology and statistics to co-found Steller Floors in Tyrone, PA. Today, her team uses their exciting and innovative hardwood floors to make a positive difference in both global climate change and in their rural Pennsylvania area.

Todd Takes

1. A natural curiosity is a great thing. Be bold and ask the questions that come to mind. Don’t be afraid to look silly. The honest truth is you are going to look sillier in the long run if you don’t ask the question. 

2. If we want to truly accomplish big aspirational goals like sustainability, then it is incumbent make sure we connect the goal to the practical reality of the individual. 

3. Go break things and figure out how to fix it. I loved Britta’s sentiment that innovators have chosen the hard path and survived. We can only grow and improve when we are willing to get outside of our comfort zone. 


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