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What does it really mean to “go green?” It’s more complex than you might think. Join host Todd and guest Tommy Linstroth as they discuss the ups and downs of creating a successful startup, the greatest issues we face in construction when it comes to adopting sustainability, how the widespread reaction to sustainable practices has changed over time, the concept of “automating” green processes, and more. 

Tommy Linstroth is the CEO of Green Badger, LLC. He has a 20-year career in managing sustainable construction and launched his company, Green Badger, to help professionals (from owners to sub-contractors) to lighten the load while pursuing LEED certification. Today, Green Badger’s mission is to make sustainability accessible, attainable, and effortless for the entire construction industry. Tommy regularly speaks at industry and sustainability trade events, contributes content for Forbes, Environmental Leader, and Construction Executive, among many others.

Todd Takes

1. Owners…you have a major part to play in the sustainability initiatives in construction. The owners need to be the ones driving the efforts but also the conversations with key stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. 

2. What is the risk of not having a sustainability program? It is a really good question that Tommy proposed. I encourage everyone to honestly ask themselves that question. As we discussed, sustainability must be viewed as a business strategy for success

3. Sustainability is a journey. First work on getting it standardized and then you can improve the process. No matter where you are on your journey, don’t be afraid to share your story. It is encouraging and impactful to share all kinds of stories no matter how big or small the sustainability project is. 


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