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How do construction and structural engineering work together? What are some ways that we can encourage this meeting of the minds? Join host Todd and guest Juraj Sabatka as they discuss the contributions of structural engineering to the construction industry, common misconceptions about both industries, the challenges that come with embracing the change inherent in sustainability, and more. 

Juraj Sabatka is the CEO of IDEA StatiCa. His background is in finance, business and management. He is enthusiastic about new technologies and entrepreneurship.

Todd Takes

1. Enhanced Collaboration in Construction: The synergy between architects, structural engineers, and general contractors is essential for optimizing construction projects. By fostering a collaborative environment, we can significantly reduce costs and create efficiencies across the board. It’s this mutual understanding and shared input from all stakeholders that lays the foundation for successful, optimized projects.

2. Embracing Technological Democratization: The surge in demand for new buildings is unprecedented, and the democratization of technology is a boon for the industry. To keep pace, we must not only leverage technology but also harness its full potential. It’s crucial to shift our perspective, seeing technology not as a competitor, but as a collaborative partner. This partnership is key in unlocking new possibilities and meeting the growing demand.

3. Highlighting Success Stories: It’s vital that we share more success stories from within the industry. As discussed with Juraj, the stories that resonate most aren’t always about groundbreaking revolutions; often, it’s the practical, day-to-day successes that truly connect with people. By showcasing these stories, we can inspire progress and bring attention to the tangible achievements being made in the field.


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