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When you think of “soft skills,” what do you imagine? Do you think of them as having a tangible effect on the construction industry? Join host Todd and guest Amy Powell as they discuss the essential nature of emotional intelligence (EQ), having an effective “leadership mindset” in a cross-generational workforce, the concepts of “microtraining” and “reactive training,” and much more. 

Amy Powell is the founder of Well Works, bringing nearly two decades of construction experience, primarily as a Project Manager for a Commercial GC. Recognizing the gap in training tailored to the unique challenges faced in construction, Amy decided to roll up her sleeves and do something about it going back to school to earn her Masters in Adult Education and crafted a specialized leadership program for field leaders. This program equips industry professionals to excel in their roles now and in the future to lead their diverse teams effectively.

Todd Takes

1. The True Essence of Soft Skills: I was struck by Amy’s statement: ‘Soft skills don’t mean you become soft.’ It couldn’t be truer. Without effective communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, we tend to act impulsively, driven by emotions, rather than making reasoned, intentional decisions.

2. The Power of Self-Awareness: A critical component of personal growth is understanding not just our strengths, but also recognizing our weaknesses. This self-awareness is challenging to achieve, but it’s essential. Because when we understand ourselves completely, we can better appreciate the collective strength of a team.

3. Emotional Mastery and Leadership: Gaining control over our emotions and reactions is a game-changer. It’s only when we master this that we can truly lead and influence others towards positive outcomes.


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