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What brings about a company’s success? Is it innovation? Adaptability? Collaboration? Or is a mix of all three? Join host Todd and guest Michael Glatt of MACRO, a Savills company, as they talk about what it takes to be a good leader, whether the AEC industry is fighting over the margins, whether or not technology is keeping up with the vision needed to handle this crisis, and how truly dependent we are on the trades. 

Michael Glatt is the Vice Chairman and North American Head of Project Management of MACRO, a Savills Company. With over 40 years of industry experience, Michael epitomizes daily leadership for both clients and fellow team members. Michael has managed an extensive array of projects and accounts, ranging from commercial, large-scale towers and campuses to various nonprofit assignments. No matter the size of scope of the project, Michael brings his unfettered energy, experience and commitment.

Todd Takes

1. First thought, leadership is about providing assurance through genuine honesty. Michael said, “showing up isn’t good enough anymore for a leader”. I could not agree more. Leaders must seek to overcommunicate and strive for understanding. This relates to his innovation answer as well. We all must seek to listen to learn and then understand. When you let others speak first you just might learn something important. 

2. True collaboration may seem allusive and a mere buzzword. However, it is possible. Michael shared some great examples of collaboration done right. There are hurdles to acknowledge and band together to overcome. The first is the need for interoperability with our technologies and platforms. We discussed this in other episodes as well. Another hurdle is the structure of most contracts do not incentivize true collaboration. Everyone needs to do better. 

3. Finally, user comfort is going to become a big area of focus on the commercial construction side. The technology is there to have the single source app Michael described. Is the demand high enough to merit the investment? Time will tell. 


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