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What key lessons can construction take from manufacturing? What do advents like machine learning, AI, IoT, and industrialization mean for manufacturing at large? Join host Todd and guest Jeff Reinke as they discuss the biggest factors leading to the growing labor gap, how we can better align manufacturing with the needs of the younger generation, and the principles of “Industry 4.0.”

Jeff Reinke is the Director of Content and Audience Engagement at Industrial Media and the co-host of Today in Manufacturing and Security Breach podcasts. With over 20 years of experience in creating and managing strategic content in the B2B marketplace, he has served audiences in the automotive, manufacturing, medical and product development industries.

Todd Takes

1. There is a perception gap in manufacturing & construction: Just as the construction sector grapples with overcoming a cultural perception that it’s not a worthwhile industry, manufacturing faces the same challenge. Both industries must unite in their mission to shift this narrative, ensuring that the next generation sees the value and potential in these fields and breaks away from age-old stereotypes.

2. There is power in tech-human synergy: When integrated effectively, the bond between technology and humans forms a potent partnership, supercharging our workflow efficiency. This collaborative dynamic between the two shows that their combined impact is more profound than their individual strengths. Rather than viewing automation, robotics, and technology as threats, we should see them as tools that amplify human creativity.

3. Data should drive decision making: Navigating the sea of available data is paramount. To effectively harness this data, engage in dialogues across all levels of your organization to pinpoint the most crucial information. This holistic understanding will prevent baseless assumptions and ensure that solutions target actual, pressing issues.


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