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The need for more skilled tradesmen is one of the biggest issues facing construction. How do we attract—and retain—new talent? Join host Todd and guest Rob Bonifacio as they discuss the significance of social media in the industry’s future, connecting with likeminded people in the trades, what it truly means to “be an influencer,” and what the younger generation should know about construction before pursuing a career in the industry.

Rob Bonifacio is the owner and operator of Bonifabcustom. For the last 8 years, he has been teaching college level trades (machining and welding) as well as sharing trades content to over 250k followers on social media under the handle @bonifabcustom. 

Todd Takes

1. I know I’m a broken record but why aren’t more people sharing what is going on in the industry with others like Rob is? I loved his comment that “he has done a lot of watching and now it was time to share”. Be the change you want to see in the industry. 

2. Two things that stood out to me that set Rob of for success was: 

a. He allowed himself freedom to not be perfect on social media.

b. He was determined to at least be consistent and stick with it

Both of those are huge traits to learn in life, career and especially when it comes to social media. 

3. Rob said, “without sharing there is no innovation.” How true is that? Every innovation in history is literally based on someone sharing a piece of information that helped to spark another idea. Go share because you don’t know what idea will be sparked next. 


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