Episode Description

A great friend of the show Nathan Wood joined us for a special episode to recap the Construction Progress Coalition’s 2023 AEC Integration Summit. The summit serves to connect like-minded AEC Technology professionals from different industry perspectives to solve our biggest interoperability challenges. Todd and Nathan cover hiring, interoperability, brainstorming, future trends and more.

Nathan Wood is the Founder of and Chief Enabling Officer at SpectrumAEC. Nathan helps organizations and project teams successfully adopt change through executive strategy sessions and end user workshops. Nathan continues to support industry progression through conference presentations, academic papers, and as President of the Construction Progress Coalition.

Todd Takes

1.      One of my favorite things about the workshops that Nathan runs is when different stakeholders who normally don’t interact with each other have the light bulb moment and realize they experience a shared pain with a persona they didn’t realize. It is a great illustration that when we communicate effectively and honestly, we actually make progress.

2.      Part of communicating better is defining the terms that we use. One of the greatest sources of misunderstanding comes from simply just using terms in different ways or in different context. There is a lot of power in being able to concisely create agreement on terms.

3.      All of this can really only happen in an open and safe environment. It is important to foster a culture that embraces differences, backgrounds and fresh ideas. You want people to feel free to communicate their thoughts and share no matter who they are. 


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